Progress Through Perseverance: Our Journey of Achievements

How Does TrialTech Achieve Such Great Patient Recruitment Results?


  • Using online advertising, strategic testing, proprietary algorithms, & research, TrialTech is able to quickly discover common traits, behaviors & interests within a patient population.


  • TTM then develops content with messaging that follows protocol, is IRB approved — and performs micro tests to uncover what messaging resonates best with the patient population.


  • From there, we scale the process — using the messaging and advertising algorithm to quickly seek out and engage potential study candidates.  


  • Once a possible participant has shown interest, TTM’s team provides a pre-screening, to ensure that patient we recommend meet ALL of the proper criteria.  The more candidates we connect with, the smarter — and faster — our algorithm becomes at reaching the perfect candidates.


  • While all of this is happening, you are provided with the TrialTech Medical Dashboard — to log in and view — in real time, the progress of the study recruitment.


The TrialTech Medical team is passionate about innovations in patient recruitment, client/patient relationships & support service. After years of experience we continue to love the work we do — and our results prove it.

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